MISNZ is a procurement company providing innovative products to the Christchurch rebuild.

The products and services offered by MISNZ have been carefully selected and offer highly competitive pricing, innovation, supply assurances, and exceptional sales and after sales support.

Products & Services.

MIS NZ specialise in the recruitment and management of migrant workers from the Philippines. MISNZ understands migrant labour issues and have developed a supply chain based on integrity.

Our industry and class leading tender management software solution, One Global, incorporates project management, tender management and facility management.

We provide consultancy services for security systems as well as providing innovative and state of the art solutions.

MISNZ has a wide range of products:
- GF8 K3 Modular Wall System
- Temporary Fencing
- Steel Products
- Air Conditioners
- Temporary Accomodation (dongers)
- LED Lighting
- LED Street Lighting
- One Global Facility Management Software

Our security solutions include:
- Video Surveillance
- Access Control
- Alarm Systems
- Fire Panels
- Perimeter Security Systems

Competitive Pricing

Through MIS NZ's extensive networks, all products and services are priced fairly and competitively.


MIS NZ have built their business on strong networks, innovative thinking and providing the right solutions for clients.

Sales Support

Sales support of the highest quality is at the centre of the MIS NZ ethos. Customer satisfaction is the biggest priority. You will deal directly with MIS NZ directors.


Security Solutions

Fencing, Gates, Barriers

Temporary Fencing

Temporary Accomodation, Migrant Worker, Camp

Temporary Accomodation

Temporary Accomodation, Migrant Worker, Camp

Accomodation Management

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